Luxury Residantial Entrance Barrier Security With Style

Specialising in marine sports, yachts,  shipbuilding  and   refitting, the Turkish company Opti-TUR has gained an enviable reputation as a specialist in the design and high qual- ity production of finished products. Opti-TUR is the official manufacturer of Danish Optimist racing and training equipment, serving Turkey and mar- kets globally, having been awarded the certified Optimist boat producer license by IODA (International Opti- mist Dinghy Association).

The Opti-TUR factory in Gebze, south east of Istanbul, always has a variety of manufacturing projects not only boatbuilding and refitting for ma- rine customers, but also for custom made fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) composite parts, primarily moulded using the vacuum infusion produc- tion technique.

During 2016, Opti-TUR was ap- proached and commissioned to produce a stylish ‘ultra-modern’ FRP composite security guard cabin for the entrance of one of the most ex- clusive, luxury residential apartment complexes in Acarlar, Istanbul. The new composite cabin was designed and manufactured by Opti-TUR, tak- ing four months to complete. Techni- cal advice and engineering support, along with all the cut to order rein- forcements and core materials need- ed for each of the infused sections, was provided by the METYX Com- posites team from the beginning to the end of this prestigious project.

To achieve a high strength-to- weight ratio throughout, biaxial glass fabrics manufactured by  METYX were specified and used throughout the cabin walls and roof, as well as for the internal integrated structural elements of the design to support the roof, large curved window sec- tions and the glass door frame. The laminate resin system used for the glass fibre and PVC foam sandwich laminate design cabinet parts was a liquid epoxy vacuum infusion resin. All of the glass fibre and PVC foam core parts used were accurately cut to size and supplied from the METYX Composites Kitting Centre in Manisa,Turkey. During production, Opti-TUR found the METYX biaxial e-glass fabrics very easy to work with in both the dry lay-up stage and during vacuum infusion.

Mustafa Bektaş,

Owner of Opti-TUR stated:

We are very pleased with the exceptional performance of the materials, as well as the highly competent technical support and service we received from the METYX Composites team throughout the entire project.